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     “Coach Frith is everything we were looking for in a knowledgeable pitching coach for our boys. Once they started lessons, we realized just how much more we got from his time. He is invested in his students and teaches beyond the skill of baseball. We appreciate everything he has put into our boys from pitching mechanics to respectful behavior. As a parent, I love that he wants them to succeed but at the same time doesn’t coddle them. He makes them work hard for what they want and lets them know when they aren’t working hard—so they can decide if they want to step up to that next level or not. I love that it is about the fundamentals of pitching as well as the fundamentals they will need in life to be a successful person. Coach Frith is a great coach and a great role model for the youth of our community!”


     “My sons have attended camps and one-on-one training sessions with Coach Frith. Without a doubt, the training and coaching received from Chris on the physical and mental side of pitching and playing the game is awesome. Coach Frith is a great communicator, teacher, and, most importantly, a great person!”


     “With Chris Frith, each pitcher will have the chance to learn proper techniques that will not only make him a better pitcher, but will give him success at the next level.”

Tom Kunis—Former Stanford University Pitching Coach

     “Our son has been training with Coach Frith for the past 4 or 5 years, leading into high school baseball. Coach Frith is a natural choice because of his baseball pitching and coaching experience. More importantly, he has an unmatched and comprehensive understanding of pitching mechanics and the ability to coach the mental aspect of pitching to young players. Our son’s pitching ability and confidence on the mound have grown and improved significantly over the past few years—a direct result of Coach Frith’s guidance. We all have great respect and admiration for Coach Frith.”


     “Pac-West allows these pitchers a great opportunity for them to showcase their talent to college coaches and area scouts.”

Ron Romanick—Oakland A’s Pitching Coach

     “Chris Frith is the real deal. My son has taken his Velocity Plus Program for three years and has also done private lessons with him. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of pitching and was able to provide my son with specific recommendations that helped take his pitching game to the next level. I would highly recommend Chris and his program to both the novice—younger pitcher—as well as the higher level, high school player. His insight and instruction are top notch.”


     “Our son has ben to several baseball camps and clinics around the states of Washington, Utah, and Arizona. The “Pitchers Only” Prospect Camp was by far the most organized, motivating, and beneficial camp he has ever been to. Thanks, Coach Frith!”

Parent of a camper

     “My 13-year old son has been participating in Coach Frith’s Velocity Plus Pre-Season Program, as well as private lessons for the last two seasons. He has added significant MPH to his velocity through the hard work in the Velocity Plus sessions. He has also developed a well-conditioned arm—leading to less soreness during the season. Additionally, the private instruction from Coach Frith has always been customized and very personal for my son’s skills and personality. The attention to detail has been very hard to find in all our years of working with many coaches. Thanks Coach Frith!”


     “Finally, somebody runs a camp with legitimate coaches and legitimate goals—it was well worth it. I have been a pitching coach at the high school level in Utah for many years. People ask me almost every day: ‘What can I do to help my son on the mound?’ I tell them to spend the money and get to a Pac-West Camp!”

High School Coach

     “Chris Frith gave my son the tools to become a better pitcher and a better person. Thank you for all of your time, knowledge, wisdom, structure, and insight! The list goes on ….”


     “My son would not be anywhere near the pitcher he is today—both physically and mentally—without the help of Chris Frith. I am so grateful he was recommended to us as a pitching coach for our son. The knowledge he possesses of baseball and the manner in which he shares that knowledge with his students is truly remarkable. There are few people I can recommend as highly as Coach Frith.”



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